GT-AC5300 New Firmware - Released Aug 4, 2020

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New firmware was just released for the GT-AC5300 this morning EST, Aug 4th, 2020. Haven't checked the release notes yet. It's available via the admin web UI as of now, should be on the ASUS support site soon. So far the new firmware seems to run stable. No issues (so far) with Wifi throughput, admin web interface seems to run stable. All 5 of my AiMesh nodes connected and are running normally. Immediate observation is that some of the AiProtection logs (namely Two-way IPS) have been cleared/reset. Just a FYI.

Release Notes:

Version 2020/08/03 59.49 MBytes
ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version
Fixed item:
- Fixed 5GHz connection speed issues.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.

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Another FYI warning...Port Forwarding was wiped out with this update as well. If you've added port forwarding rules to your GT-AC5300, and are using it as a primary router, plan on re-creating those port fowarding rules after this firmware update.
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I updated the firmware yesterday and the port forwarding rules were still intact after the update. The RAM usage does look a few % higher with the new firmware for my router with 1 HDD connected.


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Confused as to why my port forwarding rules were wiped out, as well as some of my IPS log data. Odd glitch but everything else seems to be fine and fortunately I took screenshots of my forwarding rules awhile back so it was relatively easy to restore them, though had to do it manually.

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