GT-AC5300 What is the best Asus firmware to date

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Still stuck on a very old firmware. Have 4 GT AC5300 routers on ai mesh and anything later I tried always caused instability with nodes dropping off after a few days. Would love to update to something more recent if someone can confirm stability on aimesh.

Thanks for this question, hope we get more replies. Have signed up on this forum just for this.


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Processor load is normal, when not in use maybe 1-3% on any given core. Memory at 49%. Was 48% on fresh boot.


And you use "WTFast" are you logged in?
It seems that this may be the cause of the processor.
RAM is still 96% to 99% and for 24 hours does not drop


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Only one time. Nvram commit commits it to the memory. You will only have to redo the commands if you factory reset or flash a new firmware.


Thanks, have finally updated firmware on all 4 routers and applied your patch. Everything good so far. Fingers crossed I don't get any mesh router offline errors after a couple of days.


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No problems till now, keeping an eye on basic metrics like node connectivity and cpu/mem usage. Is it possible to check cpu/mem usage of nodes?

Sorry I don't get your comment on WLAN lof files. Is it log files? I am not too sure where those are stored. Happy to check if you could point me to it.
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Yes the WLAN are log files that now are eliminated by the fix. If not fixed they flood
the log.



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Getting a notification for new firmware Not able to get release notes on it. Worth the update?


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Here are the release notes (now available on the ASUS GT-AC5300 product support page):

ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version
Security update
- Fixed CVE-2020-12695 (CallStranger)
- Fixed Reflected XSS vulnerability.
- Fixed Directory traversal vulnerability.
- Fixed CVE-2017-15653.

The update server transport layer security was upgraded and the old protocol was removed.
If your router firmware version is lower than, please refer to the "Update Manually" section in to update the firmware.

The 81974 update is primarily a security fix. Definitely recommend keeping up with the latest firmware releases wherever possible. Firmware updates also usually include under-the-hood performance enhancements and bug fixes, such as memory leak fixes, etc. Running outdated versions of firmware potentially expose your home network to security exploits and other performance issues. Best practice is to reset to factory defaults before flashing a new firmware, then re-do your router configuration. This is often an involved process and a hassle...that being said, I've dirty flashed every GT-AC5300 firmware release without re-configuring any of my settings, and have yet to experience any problems.


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After installing clean software Version, the read speed from the disk max 16MB / s decreased. With the software version Version it was 80MB / s.

I have now returned to version and I still have 80MB / s reading from a USB 3.0 disk

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