Gt ax 11000 Aimesh

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Ok. Just went ahead and purchased 2 asus gt ax11000 routers. Had a question how aimesh works. I know how to setup to the aimesh itself.
But... if I change a setting into main router, such as channel or bandwidth, does the node change as well? Also will the firmware update as well if I update main router?

edit: or should I return one of my ax11000 and get a ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 instead for the node



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I have 2 AX11000 routers set up in an AiMesh.

I can confirm that the node carries the same settings as the main router.

I'm using 5Ghz-2 as a dedicated backhaul in AX mode only @160MHz. Does anyone know how I can check the link speeds between the router and the node?


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How do you setup wireless backhaul (5G-2) from router to node in ax wireless WiFi 6? Is it possible.

have 2 ax11000 routers


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I have 2 AX11000 routers.

Set up the mesh Router & Node. The 5-2 band is dedicated backhaul by default.
Then configured the the 5-2 as AX only. I would assume that main router & node uplink is now AX/WiFi6 only.

Applied settings and rebooted both the main router & node.
see here:


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