GT-AX11000 slower than should be and doesnt work in AP Mode

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Michael Karalla

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Hey guys, so ive been messing with my new gt-ax11000 and whenever i put it into AP mode i completely lose internet. I do not have any other routers for AIMESH, but i read that it runs faster in that mode. When i switch back to wireless router mode i can reconnect to wifi.

Im also conncerned with my download speed. Highest ive ever gotten is 500 mbps on one of the the 5g bands but typically get around 250-300 mbps

My set up is gigabit xfinity>motorola mb8600>gt-ax11000

any help on on getting this thing set up is greatly appreciated!

im considering returning it and getting the wifi 6 orbi


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The MB8600 is a cable modem only, not a router. You must have a router. If you put the Asus into AP mode it is no longer a router which is why you loose the internet connection.

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