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GT-AX6000 Antenna loose, and no repairs/spares

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Hi Guys,
I have just purchased a brand new AX-6000 off of ebay, and it was the last one.
I set it up last friday and whilst setting it up I noticed that one of the antennas just spins after tightening (not sure if anyone else has had experience of this?).
Anyway, I contacted Asus Support and I got told that I would need to speak to the retailer to swap the device out - I then asked if I could buy some antennas as a spare part as they appear to be a bit flimsy, and I recieve this back:

Unfortunately, we do not sell any spare parts, In such cases, you should contact your reseller.
I understand this is inconvenient, however in this case we suggest you contact your retailer for advice on returns/replacement or any other options they can offer. As part of the sale process the retailer accepted that they would control all returns/replacement on behalf of ASUS for the duration of the warranty. They should be able to sort this out for you. ASUS has no other policy on these devices; We cannot replace or repair these devices.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

I'm now wondering if I have made the right decision - if they cant be repaired and there are no stock anywhere??
But I really like the router, and there must be some aftermarket antennas that fit it somewhere?

Sorry guys - just a bit perplexed.
Are you tightening the actual connector or rotating the whole antenna?

When you say "spin," do you mean you can turn the antenna? Does it spin with some tension, or is it an utterly loose feeling? Mine do spin when the nut is hand-tightened down, but there is some tension or friction when turning them; all four are like this, and it's normal to the best of my knowledge.

It sounds like it might be defective if it's genuinely loose, much more than the other three. I would contact the eBay seller and or eBay's customer service dept for a refund.
Thanks for your reply.
I am tightening the nut on the connector but the piece behind it is spinning (circled in your image), which in turn allows the whole antenna to spin.
With mine, two didn't lock in place. However, when I tug on them, they do not come out, still loose as you say. I'm fine with that, it's not like we are all moving this big and heavy router on the go or anything.
Are you tightening the actual connector or rotating the whole antenna?

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Hello, I purchased a new GT-AX6000 and would appreciate some advice on the antenna installation.

On my previous router we had to rotate the entire antenna assembly because you could damage the internal wire by rotating the the ring only. It's been a few years and the designs may have changed over the years, could this community confirm the best practice for antenna installation on the GT-AX6000?

I read the manual and called ASUS support but the technicians could not confirm the process. I suspect the best approach is to rotate the entire assembly and use the ring for minor tightening only.

I noticed in the pictures of this post for newer ASUS GT-AX11000 router, it seems that the plastic ring (and internal knurled metal ring) may not be attached to any wires and may rotate freely. This would make the GT-AX6000 antenna much easier to install.

I did find some other posts on SNBForums and searched the internet but could not locate good instructions.
Thanks for any advice you can provide.
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Colleagues, greetings! Someone found an opportunity to buy a new antenna for the Antenna for ASUS ROG GT-AX6000 router. The antenna is broken and I can’t find it myself. I would appreciate your help.
Get me a set of eqivalent-spec "plain" antennas and I'll send you mine. Just a month or two old. The only part of the router I can visually do without...
Picked up a unit off ebay and one of the antenna cables is sheared in two at the base so the spinner part is separated.

I have a few Netgear R7000's I no longer use but how does one know if they are 'equivalent-spec'?
I can take them apart and see how close they are in length if that's the real measure.


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Most home routers have similar low-gain dual-band dipole antennas. The actual antenna inside the "gaming plastic" is about 50mm long, usually 2-3dBi. You can check FCC data for exact specs. Don't attempt taking antennas apart. The plastic is most often glued and you'll destroy it. There is nothing interesting inside anyway.
Thanks. Will do some reading on the FCC side. The R7000 antenna pulled out pretty easy (just had to pry to rotating pins from the casing) but the GT-AX6000 does look like a true two piece that would require destruction. But since it's junk anyways... :)
See this thread here:

User @josephclemente replaced all 4 antennas on GT-AX6000 without noticeable performance issues.
Thank you! That one didn't come up on my searches. Great to hear.

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