GT-AX6000 as AiMesh Node?


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I have a GT-AX6000 as my primary router with Merlin 386.7 (same issue described here occurred with Merlin 386.6 as well). I purchased a second GT-AX6000 during a recent sale as a "spare" (I couldn't resist the ASUS sale price in combination with Newegg's instant coupon and free shipping). After receiving it, I attempted to configure it as an AiMesh node in order to utilize 2.5 Gbps backbone to all of my AiMesh nodes (other AiMesh nodes include two RT-AX86U (2.5 Gbps backhaul) and one RT-AX82U (wireless backhaul)). I am able to successfully select and add the second GT-AX6000 as an AiMesh node (receive confirmation), but it never appears in the list of AiMesh nodes on either the AiMesh tab or the Network Map tab, followed by AiMesh Node button. The same thing happens with either Merlin 386.7 (or earlier 386.6) or the latest Asus baseline 386_49273.

Has anyone else encountered this with GT-AX6000 or other router? Any thoughts or suggestions? In the interim, I have it configured as an AP.

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