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gt-ax6000 poor smb performance

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i can get only 60-63 MB/s via wifi (file source is a nas attached over cable to the router)

what should be the optimal settings for the router?
in professional i can't even see the 1024 qam option, even the modulation scheme is unavailable for the 5ghz frequence
i have separate ssid for 2.4 and 5ghz

thank you for your help


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Thats 500+Mbps over wifi - how fast is the WiFi on your device?


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Those speeds over wifi are respectable.

If you want faster, hardline the device. The device is the choke point.

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If you have anything like AIP enabled on the router disable it and try again.

My setup is a DIY server setup as a router / NAS / etc. and using an AP I can hit 1.5gbps with the AP having a 2.5gbps backhaul into the server.

So, there's room for improvement if you want it over WIFI. As noted if the WIFI client is using an AC adapter it's going to be right about where you're hitting currently. If you upgrade the client adapter to a AX210 it will be able to punch a bit higher over AX using combined 2.4/5 SSID to enable AX to work.

If you have a 12/13th gen Intel then you can pursue the AX411 adapter then. The AX411 allows both bands to be combined into a single pipe for faster data throughput using DCT.

To figure out the bottleneck though you're going to need to be a little more specific about the equipment in use and how it's all connected.


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my laptop has an intel ax210

i left all the settings unchanged, both on the card and the nas, with iperf3 from laptop to nas i can get 950 mbps but real smb speed are 50/60 mb/s


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Q: Mb/s or MB/s? one is 8x the other!


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To avoid confusion in the future, simply type it as MB/s then.

Tech Junky

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my laptop has an intel ax210
Well, when you look at your WIFI properties in task manager what does it say?


I noticed when playing around with settings on the adapter and AP though narrowing the config to only 5ghz would result in not being AX and slower speeds. I would just switch the router to include both bands on the SSID you're using an test it to see if the speed picks up.

On the AX210 side most of the default settings should work fine w/ a preferred band of 5ghz. There are some preferred settings though such as disabling power management and some others if you google around you should find them

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