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GT-AXE 11000 vs GT-AXE 16000 Please advise

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Wondering if there is any difference in wifi strength with these 2 routers. I currently have the AXE-1100 and
am thinking of upgrading to the 16000. The only difference I see is the 3 vs 4 bands and the 10gb ports.

I currently have a 1 gb internet connection so not sure if the 10 gb ports will do anything for me. The real
question is "Does the wireless section on 2.4 and 5.0 bands have any strength advantage? Does having the extra
5.0 band help at all? My current setup has about 50 devices connected, anything from 5 TV's to video doorbells
4 laptops, etc.

Any advantage to upgrade or do I stay put?

One of the benefits would be if you have a 2.5/10 gig nic card you would be able to get above 1 gig internet speeds on those workstations since the AXE11000 only has one 2.5gbps port and other ports being 1 gig. Besides the obvious 10 gig ports and extra band, not much else really. I would just stay put for now if things are working well for you. Maybe later on you can upgrade and use the axe11000 as a node once the firmware matures for the axe16000. Some people having weird upload issues. Could be a bad batch of units. I use the extra bands to separate my cameras and other smart devices from my smart phones. I use the 6e mainly with the s21 and s22 ultra phones. Performance is really great. I am a very happy user but there is always the risk of getting something brand new and having weird issues.

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