GT-AXE11000 - how to use open vpn server?


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I am upgrading from a dying RT-AC5300. I exported the config file (.ovpn) and the certificate file (.cert). I tried to install the .cert file in my new GT-AXE1100 by uploading it into the VPN server settings since I would like to preserve my VPN settings (rather than have to reprogram everything). However, the server won't start up. Under the old VPN server, I could set specific settings, etc. With the new server, I tried to copy the settings, but the server still is in "starting up" phase and never fully starts. Any ideas?

Furthermore, I tried to import a .ovpn config into the VPN Fusion client. When I try to connect, it fails. With my old OpenVPN client interface (replaced by FusionVPN) I was able to just manually tweak the settings. However, I can't do that in the new interface. So, I am unable to connect to OpenVPN Clients.

Finally, with the PPTP which I tried as a last ditch resort to connect my new router to a remote router (also an older RT-AC5300) running Asus merlin, I was able to connect vita PPTP, since apparently when I go to "," I get a new IP reflective of the remote router's IP address. However, I am not able to connect to devices behind that remote router. Is it a setting I have to adjust on the remote side to allow browsing/connection to the devices behind the remote router?

I just want some way to remotely link the two routers, and until now, OpenVPN was the way I used to do it.

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