GT-AXE11000 Issues After 386.5 Firmware


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Hey everyone,

I recently upgraded to the 386.5 firmware on both my GT-AXE11000 routers (they are in an AiMesh) and I'm having issues where it's disconnecting all devices for a couple minutes at least a couple times of day and then correcting itself without intervention from me. I've attached the logs below from the most recent incident. Would anyone be able give me any insight into why this could be happening based on the logs? I have a pretty out-of-the-box setup in terms of configurations so I have no idea why it's doing this. Thanks!


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When you flash merlin firmware for the first time over stock you need to do a full factory reset. You also need to redo your whole setup.
Have you done this already?


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Welp, I'm an idiot. I have not. The devices are new so they've been minimally configured but that makes sense. Looks like I have myself a weekend project. Thank you!

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