GTE-AXE11000 Random reboots


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I have a new axe11000 setup for ai mesh with a rp-ac55, multiple times a day one or both are resetting the wifi for a minute or so knocking everything off the menu. Has anyone experienced this sort of behavior out of aimesh? Where can I begin to diagnose this?


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Do not find that the RP-AC55 is AiMesh capable. It is a wifi repeater and generally not recommended for use as a repeater. Access point or media bridge OK. It will also require your router to be set for WPA2 and maybe AX function disabled.
Edit. While the RP-AC55 may do AiMesh it was reported elsewhere on the forum to use a fixed 5 GHZ channel like 36 or 149 on the router. Do not use auto or dfs channels.
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