Guest network 1 kills 2.4 when created and removed (AX86U)

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I wonder if anybody run into the same issue I run with Guess network 1 on 2.4 band.

So Installed 386.1 on my brand new AX86U and right away made factory reset. Then I configures guess network 1 for my smart devices. However then I realized that unlike on my old AC1900P the guess network 1 ignores DHCP and assign IPs 192.168.101.x so clicked remove button and created network 2 with the same setting (SSID, password, disable intranet, mac filter) saved and rebooted the router.

So after the reboot my router came with:


The problem I experience is that within 2 hours the main network and the guest network that runs on 2.4 stopped broadcasting (the devices disconnected and 2.4 band was not appearing in search). The 5G one was fine. I rebooted router and again the same happened within two hours.

After that I reenabled guess network 1 so I run Guess network 1 and 2 plus main one and the problem not happened again.

I read that guess network 1 causes problems but I wonder if anybody else run into this problem.

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