Guest VLAN Working on AX11000 Ethernet!


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Sorry if this has been posted already,

So recently I've been needing 2 extra VLANS, Mostly so I can easily seperate my network from my parents (seperate houses connected via fiber) So my parents are not double NAT'd. We have 2 IP's from the ISP so I did have there Eero router connected to the cable modems 2nd wan port, but the 2nd IP is a CGN IP which has been causing issues for them mostly WiFi calling not working on Verizon & AT&T. But WiFi calling works just fine when going through my Static IP. The Eero has an uplink VLAN tag setting so hoping that works will test that later.

But for the heck of it I enabled 5GHz-1 Guest network and connected a openwrt router to an ethernet port tagged VLAN 502 to the wan port, and instantly it grabbed 192.168.102.x IP!

Has this been tested before?

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