spdMerlin GUI bug in spdMerlin on Gbps+ connection?


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Hi all,

I have a symmetric "10Gbps" fiber connection plugged in the 2.5Gbps ethernet port of my RT-AX86u.

spdMerlin reports correctly between [2-2.5]Gbps speeds, but I presume there is a bug in the "Download Data (MB)" column and the "Upload Data (MB)" column.

NB: the cli version of spdMerlin correctly reports GB of data dowloaded and uploaded.

@Jack Yaz, the Download Data and Upload Data columns should I believe be GB, or if in MB it should be 1000x more, shouldn't it?

EDIT: screenshot attached, typo


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Depends. On how much has been downloaded or uploaded.

Jack Yaz

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i don't think we've seen it download gigabytes in a speedtest before! should be easy enough to fix, will take a look at some point

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