GUI does not work when you assign a DNS , cannot access options.....


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When I attempt to assign a DNS server under WAN setting, the window for the DNS options is not available, the new option screen appears set behind the initial screen.
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Welcome to the forums @MerasusRtAx58u.

Can we assume this is for an RT-AX58U? :)

Does clearing the browser cache help? Does using another browser help? Does using the browser in 'safe mode' work better?

What firmware are you using? What other features/options and scripts are you running?

You may want to ask a moderator to move this thread for you from the Suggestion Box forum too.


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Hi there - thanks for your reply. Yes my name gives you some clues :) I am using a RT-AX58U running 386.7 firmware.

Clearing the cache didnt help.... I am running in AIMESH mode with an RP-AX56 node, running a firmware, wireless backhaul.

The laptop I am writing this response on does not connect to the Asus GUI site unless I connect Incognito mode. Maybe the Incognito mode is the problem, I will try another laptop to see if the DNS is working. I don't understand why I have to connect in Incognito mode.....

I am new to this forum, so not sure which forum I should post this.....



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Do you have any adblocker enabled that is disabled in Incognito mode? Try excluding the router URL from the adblocker. Or any errors in the browser F12 console?


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It may be simpler than this! If you are using a small screen, you may need to just scroll down to see the initially hidden dialogue that's opened up

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