GUI stats missing for spdMerlin and ntpMerlin

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spdMerlin was working fine until I installed ntpMerlin late yesterday evening. On checking this morning, there were no GUI stats for ntpMerlin and the speedest stats were also blank. I've tried uninstalling spdMerlin, followed by a fresh reinstall, but the stats are still blank. I've checked the system log and the speed tests are running, so can anyone tell me how to get them in the GUI? I've tried reboot the router, but still no stats.



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I had the same issue, and as I understood it it was ntpMerlin not working correctly that caused it. Once ntpMerlin got up and running, gui stats came back. Sadly,when I then tried to reinstall uiDivStats, the installer got stuck and now the aforementioned gui stats are gone again. I can't even open uiDivStats in amtm to uninstall it.


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I ended up in a big mess with my USB flash drives and had to start all over again to fix the issues, including High CPU demand. Have a look at my other thread if you want to see what I did - it might be worth trying something similar.

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