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Hardware VPN is unable to connect behind VLAN tagged WAN interface

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Hybrid Noodle

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Wondering if I’m missing something or if the VLAN tagging doesn’t work how I am expecting it to.

Setup is fibre connection from ISP coming into a fibre to copper converter which than goes into an RT-AC3100 running firmware 384.11_2. ISP uses VLAN tagging for their services and internet is VLAN 35 in which a PPPoE connection is created. When I use the IPTV setting and change the WAN VLAN tag to 35 the router successfully creates the PPPoE connection.

However behind the ASUS I have a Cisco 891 hardware VPN that is no longer able to connect. Looking at the logs and connection status is that it appears to continue to send the VPN requests but nothing ever returns.

If I remove the converter and put the ISP device back in place and connect the ASUS to that and do PPPoE passthrough and remove the VLAN tagging everything functions correctly.

Has anyone had this issue before or am I not understanding how the VLAN tagging is functioning on the ASUS?

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