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Has anyone been able to use a 5TB or larger USB drive with any Asus AX routers?

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I'm wondering if anyone has been able to use an external USB drive larger than 4TB with any Asus AX router. I have a 5TB drive formatted as NTFS that I'd like to use with an RT-AX3000. I've successfully used a 4TB drive with no issues, but need a bit more storage available.

I'm aware of the Asus router drive compatibility table that maxes out at 4TB for the partition size, so I'm curious if anyone has been successful using a larger partition beyond 4TB in having it recognized and accessible over the network via Samba.

If so, were you successful with having a partition larger than 4TB, or did you need to create multiple partitions of 4TB or less?
There have been quite a few posts over the years from people that have been using partitions greater than 4GB without issue. As always, YMMV.

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