Have anyone tried Asus RT-AX88U?

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Hi, have bought me 3 routers Asus RT-AX88U Nordic, who comes home with the post/mail on the door to me on Monday(tomorrow), thought using/test these three as aimesh, i have open purchase in 60 days so thought to test a little
If I'm not satisfied within 60 days, I will send back free of charge and pre-refund the money.
In Norway the price is one ax88u(NOK 3999)pcs(USD 506,25)
Now i have aimesh 3 routers ac86u im gonna send back tomorrow get money back,have tested some weeks now,working great,just want to try something new now AX88u:)


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Considering that it is draft specs, and wifi organization thinking about making it mandatory to support wpa3 in final specs. I don't find current batch much useful at all.

Based on what I am reading specs will be finalized by end of year 2019. Personally I will wait till 2020, at least by then specs will be final and devices will be readily available.


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Personally I will wait till 2020, at least by then specs will be final and devices will be readily available.
Yes indeed. And lets not forget growing pains. All new tech has them. I would wait till it's final and released then give it another year for the bugs to be ironed out.


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first day not good,verry unstable on aimesh,keeps dropping out on second floor,bad speed,the wireless range isnt so good as ac86u,the node on second floor is connected to 2.4ghz,should be conected on 5ghz thats why the speed is not good on second floor.
Using the same wireless seting i used on ac86u,so far the ac86 whas more stable.gonna test more tomorrow.The ax88u i place the same place as ac86u.my kids didnt like this ax88,ac86u was better he said,he is a gamer on second floor.


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Im now testing using 2.4ghz 20mhz on Channel bandwidth control channel 11 and 5ghz using Channel bandwidth 40 and control channel 100 so far so good.I found out why i have bad speed,i also have bad speed 80mbps on cable when i have 350mbps down and 350 mbps up,if i take out the lan cable from my wan port and back in i have full speed 350mbps,if i restarting the router my speed is going under 100mbps,but if i take out lan cable from wan port again and back in full speed again.

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Just noticed Newegg, USA price $350.00 : https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833320370

Does the router have WPA3?
A shopper on Oct 16, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The chipset may be capable, but it is not enabled in the router. Lets hope a firmware update will make it work.
  • Bill M on Oct 16, 2018
  • Purchased on Oct 6, 2018


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Have you tried any QoS? Wondering how the quad-core CPU is handling that. One of the major issues I've run into with my R7000 is major slowdowns in speed when QoS is enabled due to the CPU bottleneck.


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I have found two problems so far.

1. When router already is turned on and I plug in the WAN cable, it detects the 1Gbps connection. (I have 1000/200Mbps) But if the WAN cable is already plugged on and after turned on (or reboot) the router, just show only 100Mpbs connection. Then, when I unplug/plug the cable it's 1000Mbps again.

2. I can't find NAT acceleration setting in menu. In menu LAN->Switch control only have two option: Jumbo frame and Bonding/Link aggregation. Therefore the router does not have the maximum internet speed now. (Only ~340Mbps)


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now im giving up my 3 routers Asus RT-AX88U.not stable on mesh system,nodes falling out,my kids cant play on the computers,going back to ac86u i think,it was verry stable when i had ac86u,just wanna try something new but not working.,i can only use mesh system here in the house.so please asus is there any new firmware /beta version out the before i send it back?and sometimes the the speed is bad i have 350/350 mbps,if i use cable i have 80mbps but if i take out the cable from lan port and put it back in i have full speed,but the aimesh is verry bad,using this at the same place i had my 3 ac-86u that was working great,just wanna try something new but but thw two i use at nodes keeping dropping out
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If they sell it it has to work right out of the box!
Sadly, that's not how the technology biz has worked for a long time. This will not change until enough class action lawsuits are filed, legislation is passed, or consumers just wise up and not buy half-baked technology.


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Ask Microsoft how their 1809 October update worked out for them...

Software has simply become too complex these days, shipping bug-free code is next to impossible.


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all correct, but to release a router with specs not even fully specified is negligently, they even couldn't know if the chips used will cover finalized specs!
only to be months before all other vendors is not usual business.

Its ok if they would mention this when selling so freaks can get it long time before mass consumers.


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For other reasons I will need to purchase a new router and it feels wrong not to buy an "ax11 "ditto (even if I will keep ax11 turned off until...etc....:cool:).

That said, those of you that have tested it, how does it perform as an ac11 router?

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