Have two AX units, trying to add an AC unit as a node but not working


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Hello forums,

I've been working on this, googling around, for a few hours off and on and can't seem to solve it...

So I bought a new AC unit so I can have a unit down in my office, but I can't get it to get any connections.

The AX units (router plugged into modem) and node (upstairs office, wireless) are fine, with devices connecting to them, but the AC unit will not work completely.

It will show up via "add node", and I can successful add the unit, but it will always show as off line and the LED light blinking blue.

Any ideas? I've reset everything involved multiple times.. Not sure what to do.


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Try adding the node with an Ethernet cable. Also have the node on Asus firmware.


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Yeah, I think you'd likely need to run wired backhaul to get that to work. At least with my XT8 units, the wireless backhaul (5GHz-2 radios) is normally set up as AX only. I do see a setting to disable that, which might allow an AC unit to connect; but you'd be taking a performance hit of I-don't-know-what-size for your AX node.

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