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HBS 3 NAS Backup

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New Around Here

I have had to completely rebuild my backup NAS (NAS 2).

I am trying to copy my data from my daily NAS (NAS 1) to NAS 2.

I have no experience with HBS 3 but have been advised it is the best way to copy the files (21 TB) over.
If there is a better or alternate way please advise.

I have set up a folder in my DataVol1 named Multimedia on both NAS. Under this folder I have set up the folders:

New Season Maybes
To Be Sorted
TV Series
Test 1

I have set up the folder "Test 1" to test the file copy (see pic NAS 1 Multimedia folder structure). The same structure is set up on NAS 2.

I copied folder Test 1 and several files to test the HBS3 app. This can be seen in the attached pic (NAS 2 after HBS3 Backup).

As can be seen HBS 3 has created under the folder "Test 1" sub folders called Backup1 / latest/ Multimedia/ Test 1.

Is there a setting in HBS3 that will not create the sub folders and just copy only to the original folder ?

Thank you
Just use xcopy or robocopy and let it go. Check to see if it's copied everything. Done.
I recommend using Robocopy, it will does the job and also alternatives like Fastcopy, Gs Richcopy and Goodsync can do it.
It depends on your needs for the backup process

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