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hi everyone,

i just felt it was sort of rude to post about a firmware i've developed for MT7621AT devices without a brief introduction here.

my name is Broly and i've been using a computer heavily since i was ten years old. in the two decades plus since that time, i've had the blessing of exposing myself to pretty much every corner of the internet and also got a good education.

i am (finally!) here because i feel my firmware is ready for the abuse and enthusiasm that has been shown by this member base for the twenty years their networking-related discussion has popped up on my first page of search engine hits.

DD-WRT is an enthusiast aftermarket router firmware that was a large reason i ended up being interested in operating systems (windows too, of course, but that was from a graphical perspective). and what better way to improve enthusiasm firmware performance than soliciting input and feedback from those users?

that's all.


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Welcome to the forums @broly. Options for people with different hardware are always welcome.


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@broly. the existance of dd-wrt give you no right to violate the copyright of dd-wrt by not following the gpl license. you are not permitted to use any of the dd-wrt codes. this is not your firmware. its my firmware


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Gentlemen, please take this argument somewhere else. Thread closed.
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