Help: AC86U Aimesh node connect to AX86U AiMesh main 2.4Ghz??

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I have AX86U as AiMesh main and 2 x AC86U as AiMesh nodes. One is connected at 5Ghz and another is connected (just joined a few mins ago) as 2.4Ghz.

All are on AsusWRT latest firmware released (not beta).

Does anyone have any insight why the second AC86U AiMesh node connected at 2.4Ghz only?


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Sorry, after a while like 5-10 mins,,,the second AiMesh node is now reporting connected at 5Ghz now!

kinda weird as it initiated at 2.4Ghz to join to AiMesh network first then switched to 5Ghz later (first time saw this so this thread might keep or delete if you could suggest? :) I would leave it for informational purpose)


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