HELP - ASUS router RT-AX82U great 5ghz signal but rubbish 2.4ghz signal

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I recently bought the ASUS RT-AX82U router and have a fantastic signal with the 5ghz but the 2.4ghz signal is constantly dropping throughout the day.

I've contacted ASUS support and shared my Wireless log and they indicated it is due to wireless interference. They suggested changing channels and the channel bandwidth to 20Mhz. I've tried all this and I still experience multiple drops of signal throughout the day. Every time I change the channel/reboot/restart the router the 2.4ghz signal works again but this can range from only a couple of mins to a few hours but it will eventually drop again. Whilst typing this message the signal is playing up again.

I've used a wifi analyzer on both my phone and pc and both indicate the signal strength ranges from -20dbm to -67dBm, depending how far I am from the router. There are no other wireless devices next to the router to create interference. I also log into channels when there are no other wifi networks connected to that channel but again this makes little difference.

I'm connected to the Router via the Virgin superhub3 and this is set to Modem mode.

I have tried multiple restarts with both the Modem and Router but the 2.4 still plays up. Like I said the 5ghz signal works a treat.

Reading other forums I've tired a Guest network, disabled the WIFI 6 mode under the 2.4 signal but again none of these have made a difference.

If I revert back to the Superhub3 both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz signals work ok but the 5ghz doesn't reach my son's bedroom or provide a strong enough signal to the back of the house. This is one of the reasons why I bought the router to help boost the signal and the Asus router definitely achieved that on the 5ghz signal.

On the Virgin forum I posted the same question and some people came back with some professional settings for me to change to, which I did. These changes seemed to work for about 48hrs but since last night the 2.4ghz has been dropping constantly again and even the 5ghz has played up a little but nowhere like the 2.4ghz.

Has anyone got any suggestions at what I can do to avoid the constant dropping of the 2.4ghz signal?

Thanks in advance.


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so after testing 2 models of the same router the same issue occurred.

However, I started trying to see if a particularly device was at fault and it turns out it may well be my son's PS4.

Whenever he put it on the signal would drop considerably or completely go off. He searched online and there were a few posts about PS4 killing the wifi signal. He ended up changing the DNS settings and since he's done that the signal has been running at at about 20mbps. When we turn the PS4 off the 2.4ghz signal rockets back to about 80-100mbps.

I'm not sure how successful this workaround is but has anyone else heard of the PS4 killing the wifi and are there any other long term solutions?

Surprised it's done this on a 2020 ASUS router as it never affected the 2.4ghz signal whilst using the Virgin Superhub.


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Standards develop and change over time. I'm never surprised that a newer router doesn't play well with older client devices from 2013. :)

Wait until your son goes to bed and then drop the PS4 from about 10' or so to your concrete patio. Problem solved. :D

Old devices are best supported on old routers used in Media Bridge mode (when possible).

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