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[Help] Automatic Custom SMS and/or Tweet to Power Company


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I'm looking to make my NAS send out an SMS and/or Message/Post on twitter to my power company.

-Notification Center: Only allows me to send out SMS with the event message, not custom text. And for Social Media QBot does the same, but to my personal FB account...

-Qmiix is useless

-IFTTT: I found 2 ways, but not as pretended...
a-QNAP applet triggers when "Warning" event happens, and post a custom text using my Twitter account*
b-QNAP applet triggers when "Warning" event happens, and uses my mobile to send out and SMS with custom text to power company's number*
In both cases QNAP applet triggers on EVERY warning event, I'm not able to filter out to just run on power events...

Is there any way I can achieve what I'm looking for?


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