Help Changing DHCP Server Address and Pool Range on UniFi Security Gateway

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I got everything set up, including a smooth upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 on my NUC, using the same activation key for success which slightly surprised me. I was working without connecting the USG to the WAN on the Modem until I could not any longer so I moved all the equipment from the dining to the office.

Yesterday I connected the USG to the Modem and updated the Switch and AP f/w. Today I wanted to change the DHCP server from and the pool from ~ 254 to and respectively. I logged into the USG back end at and changed the server and pool as desired and hit save. A link came up to log into the USG at the new address. I clicked the link and.. nothing.. going to localhost:port for the USG it shows that the USG is not connected but the Switch and AP are. I rebooted the USG, still nothing.

Do I need to reset the USG and log into and make the changes before adopting it into the controller? No biggie to start over as I really haven't gone any farther than this anyhow.

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