help configuring dual wan with LB2120

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Hi, I need some help configuring dual wan with lb2120.
My router is RT-AC88U, I have primary wan going to fiber optics, where I have PPOE with username/password and in IPTV I have to set a VID.
Then I connected the LB2120 to LAN port 4, Failover+Failback mode.
The LB2120 is configured in Bridge mode.

There are 2 problems:
1. I cannot access LB2120 configuration page from the lan, even if I have set its IP to (rest of the network is on 192.168.1.*), do I need some special routing? It works correctly if I directly connect the pc to it
2. When the primary WAN is down the secondary WAN says it failed to connect (doesn't acquire IP)

I'm a bit lost, did anyone succesfully configure this?
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