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Help Configuring WRT400N

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I just got the WRT400N and I am having trouble configuring it.

Currently I have 2 x 16Megabit Connections connecting to a WRT54GL with Tomato Firmware binding both connections.
From that I have a wire going from Lan2 to WAN of WRT400N. Leaving the IP for both routers. Thats the only way I am able to get the internet to work. I am unable to access the WRT400N now.

What I want to do is be able to access BOTH the WRT54GL and the WRT400N.
The WRT400N just needs to be an N bridge, so no firewall nothing.

I have set the security to WEP2 Personal. There seems to be some lag before any activity happens. If i type www.cnn.com for example it THINKS for a second then loads the page super fast. same goes for downloading....

Thanks in advance.

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