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Help configuting OpenVPN client round robin

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RT-AC68U Using 384.13 and can connect to each of the five different OpenVPN connections individually in the VPN Client page. The Router is using a single WAN connection.

If I connect all the clients the initial Connection shows the public IP and the WAN IP address. The secondary Connections show the Public IP address as Unknown and a different Local IP.

I am in China. Internet over VPN access stops if one of the connections drops If I start up all 5 client options and one of the clients loses connection to the VPN server.

Custom Config for each entry is still at the default "Resolve Retry Infinite" which is where I suspect my problem lies.

How can I set up the router to round robin the connections automatically to fail over if one connection fails?

Even better, and I am not sure that I can do this or not, what do I need to do to set up VPN client load balancing over the single Wan connection?

My preference is to keep using teh web interface to achieve this if possible as my Wife may need to enable things if I am not around

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