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Help connecting ASUS GT-AXE16000 to L3 Switch

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I am going to assuming this requires CLI as I don't think the GUI is able to do this.
I need to be able to configure one of the 10Gb port as a routing port.
I am completely NOT familiar with the ASUS CLI syntax.

My current set is as follow in the diagram, but it's not quite working as expected.
Screenshot 2024-04-01 082039.png

all my VLAN subnet isn't able to get to without a static default route in the Core.
if I add in a default route ( to gateway to my core switch (SONiC) it completely drops all routing. Not even sure why that's happening.
But normally with a multilayer switch setup I would configure the Brocade TE 1/0/46 as:
#no switchport
#ip address

And somehow make one of the ASUS 10Gb port

so I can route through.

My question is how can I make that port as such and keep it permanent?

Any help would be great.

NOTE: "Router On A Stick" is not an option. Primary reason is that my SONiC (Broadcom Tomahawk) can do 3.1Tb line speed. The ASUS VLAN is super limited when it comes to VLAN assignment.
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You're well beyond the capabilities of a consumer router/ap...

Reflect on your network design, and you'll find that Asus likely is out of scope...

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