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I have an RT-AC68U running latest version of Merin.

I am looking for a way to selectively block specific services for specific clients (site like: youtube, facebook or netflix).

Using the AiProtection I am able to block all streaming services. However, problems I see with this approach are:

a) I cannot select specific services I would like to block. I can only block categories. For example if I would like to block Youtube and leave Netflix available that's not possible with AiProtection.
b) AiProtection web & apps filter cannot be scheduled.

I have thought that using a script it could be possible to overcome problem (b).

After searching this forum, I have understood that there are challenges in regards to blocking a site like youtube which may uses multiple subdomains or IP addresses.
That's why I believe maybe my idea is very difficult to achieve.

Any idea or guidance is very welcome.



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Here is a thread on how you can use a service like nextdns or opendns via dns filter for specific clients.
Can skip the part with cron jobs if you do not want it on a schedule.
Hope this can help


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Thank you for your answer @Zastoff . I will need some time to study it and try implement it. Really appreciate it.

If it happens to know any other way that does not depend on third party services, I would be very interested to know.

Many Thanks!


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You could look into PiHole. It is able to do exactly what you are wanting. You blacklist specific domains, and then apply those blacklisted domains to specific clients.

If you don't want to add an extra device to your network to manage this, you might check Diversion on the add-on side of this forum. It's been a while since I used it, so I can't remember if you can use separate blacklists/Blocklists on a per client basis.

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