Help in setting up a GT-AXE11000, RT-AX88U, & 4 RT-AC68U nodes with NAS and AX210 Laptop


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I'm looking for advice on an architecture change/setup. I have a Synology NAS DS918+ connected to my "old" 88U aggregated to 2Gbps, my new 88u connected via ethernet to create the 160Mhz for my AX210. All that changes with the new 11000 I just got:

The 11000 presents the issue of only having 4 Ethernet ports and on my 88U I am using 6 out of 8 ports. One of my questions is that I think the 11000 can aggregate two of the Ethernet ports which I could connect to the NAS, but then I would only have a 1Gbps connection available between the 11000 and 88U connected via Cat6 between the two. I wasn't sure if I could aggregate the two ports from the 11000 to the 88U from ports 1/2 from the 11000 to 88U ports 3/4. Then aggregate the 88U ports 1/2 (as it currently does) to the NAS. Would that create the 2Gbps between the 11000 to the NAS? I'm not sure if that is a valid configuration or not?

The NAS, 11000, and the AX210 all live in the living room the 4 nodes are 2 on 2nd floor, 1 middle opposite side of 1st floor, and one in the midpoint of the basement. I need the AX210 to connect at the 6Ghz for maximum link speed and it will be within 14 feet of the router with clear line of sight.

I also need the 11000 to connect all 4 RT-AC86U nodes and unsure which of the tri-bands should be used as the wireless backhaul. I have multiple 2.4GHz IoT devices that could use the 2.4Ghz on the 88U but not entirely sure what the best setup would be. My house is 2000 sq/ft with a the 4 nodes are required and have worked flawlessly in my old setup so I will keep them in their locations....I just need to figure the best way to support them without corrupting the 11000 and 88U marriage.

So with that info (hoping that is enough), I guess I'm asking, if it were your setup, what would be the route you'd go to make all this work?

If more info is needed, I'll update with an edit to this post if it get a few pages deep.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.



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With the GT-AXE11000, I would be looking to get an add-in card for your NAS for 2.5GbE or better throughput (and forget about LAG).

I would also be looking at a switch (again, 2.5GbE or greater) to attach all your wired devices with too.

Is the client device with the AX210 card running Windows 11? If not, I don't believe 6E (i.e. 6GHz) will be supported.


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I was hoping the rt-88U would act as the switch if I could aggregate the 11000 to the 88U...but wasn't sure if that part is feasible or not.

The client running the AX210 is win10. Isn't the link support done at the hardware handshake between the router and the wifi card itself? Right now I have a 2.4Gbps link with my existing 88U.


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Afaik, Windows 10 isn't supported (and ordering an AX211 part from any manufacturer with Windows 10 isn't possible).

How to Enable Wi-Fi 6E/ 6GHz Band Using Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+)...

I would not be relying on the RT-AX88U to act (even/only) as a switch.

Buy an 8 Port or better switch for $50 instead for a more reliable network.


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I did some research and testing with the AXE and sure enough, the 6GHz SSID isn't seen with Win10. But with a little searching found a workaround for it:

and I installed and tested great and caps at the 2.4Gbps as mentioned.

So if I may ask, I realize that I will need a managed switch......and I think what I see is that I should use the 2.5Gbps port to connect to it.....for home use....was is the least skin I'd need to put in for a switch that will do that job?

The routers says it is 802.3ad standard, but also some say that is not called the right things.....etc....I'm need to find the right solution to make this work with the hardware I have and keep all of the items working correctly.

Any recommendations that will work for a home use setup?

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