Help installing LTS Firmware on RT-AC66U

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I have an RT-AC66U, at the moment I think I have the official firmware by Asus (It shows
I did read the installation instructions for the LTS Fork, but I have a couple of questions :
1) When the instructions tell to perform a factory default reset following the firmware update, does it mean from the Router web interface (In Administration \ restore tab, there is a Factory reset function) ? Or do I have to do the WPS button method ? Or are those actually the same thing ?
2) About the "reformat and restore JFFS", even if I shouldn't have to do it, how is it done on my model ? (In the past I used to run the regular Merlin, then for some reason years ago I installed the original (I think), I don't really recall what I did... so just in case I'd reformat everything :)



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1) Either method should work. Hard Factory Reset procedure is model specific:
2) Hard Factory Reset or restore and initialize all settings should wipe the /jffs. Merlin or LTS firmware does have an option to format the /jffs if needed.

Just make sure to do a factory reset after flashing the new firmware.

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