Help me understand Wifi Link Speeds

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I've been running a TP-Link Archer C8 for years. According to Acrylic, the max speed of the AC 5GHz band is 1300Mbps. I recently got a new laptop with Intel AC9560 2x2 160MHz, yet the best link speed I can ever achieve from 10ft is 886.7Mbps. So I went on a quest, tried a new router, TP-Link Archer A20, that claims 1625Mbps on it's AC5GHz band (according to Acrylic, the max speed is again 1300Mbps, figure that out). And again from 10ft, this laptop AC9560 is stuck at 886.7Mbps. I contact Intel, I contact TP-Link, I try a bunch of settings, but no change.... So how in the world does one achieve the max speed that Acrylic states both these routers can do on the AC 5GHz band??

NOTE: I continued my quest... returned the Archer A20 and got a Netgear R7800, enabled HT160, choose CH52(DFS), and now get 1.7Gbps link speed on my laptop. I finally got what I wanted but am still wondering why those other two routers can't do better than 886.7Mps?? Despite reading all sorts of articles and forums, I'm still really confused on the how 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 works with 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz/160MHz. And yes, I have read all about how 160Mhz channel width is unstable, risky, radar, blah blah blah....


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The reason you couldn't get 1300 Mbps is because that is only possible when utilising all 3 streams. As your client device only has 2 antennas (hence 2 streams) the maximum possible was 886 Mbps. This is based on the routers supporting a maximum bandwidth of 80 MHz. 1625 Mbps was a non-standard "enhancement" from 1300 Mbps and likely not supported by your client.

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