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Help Please: Need to access my ASUS WEB ADMIN traveling back over VPN IP

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Hello dear Experts,

My setup:

1. REMOTE LOCATION ==> AC-3200 running latest Merlin
2. OFFICE ==> PFSENSE running latest edition.

The problem is that REMOTE LOCATION can only have INTERNET via LTE (Cellular), and it gives private IP on WAN interface.

I've setup an OPEN VPN server on the PFSENSE which has a LIVE STATIC IP.
The Asus AC-3200 is configured to connect to the PFSENSE.

It connects perfectly, and I can then from the PFSENSE OR another Client connected to PFSENSE can PING the VPN IP of the ASUS... so I know there is a ROUTE>

But I cannot access the WEB ADMIN page of the ASUS ROUTER over the VPN IP Address.
The PORT says blocked.. but ICMP echo comes back just fine.

HOW do I open the HTTPS PORT (8443) also on the VPN IP that the ASUS gets?

please help. I need to be able to access the ASUS's web configuration tool REMOTELY.
I think you need to try to connect to the IP address of the router, not the IP address of the tunnel end point. (I may have misunderstood what you wrote.)
Ok, how would I access the IP address of the router? I've added the ROUTE to the /24 network from PFSENSE to the ASUS... but doesn't seem to be working...

any ideas? Comments?
Try pinging various IP addresses on the remote network to determine whether any of it is getting through to the LAN.
As I said, ping works :) to the VPN'd IP.. but not the LAN IP.. even though I've set the routes, and also the policies
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