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Help request: Network Setup 3 routers - telekom router + AsusAX + AsusAC + QNAP NAS

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New Around Here

I apologise if this is a stupid setup and would like to get advise from the experts on how to make better setup and learn a bit of the how-to of the basic networking

In my house I have the following setup with 3 routers: Telecom Modem - Asus AX88u (wired + DHCP + Wifi (Non VPN) - Asus AC88u - (wired from AX + Static IP+ Merlin + Wifi (VPN) - QNAP NAS (wired from AC+ Static IP).

The main setup was done by an outsider and I myself have little knowledge of how it all connects. Inside the house networks all works flawlessly but I would like to acces my NAS from outside my home network. On my NAS there is my Jellyfin mediaserver. I tried to do port forwarding AX to AC and vice versa but can't get it figured out. Also I can't figure put how i need to my NAS securely visible outside my network.

Note that I am in China and need the VPN wifi in my Asus AC to bypass the GFW

I would appreciate some advise on how I could simplify all the above with perhaps an example on port forwarding, static Ip etc and have secure access to the NAS and Jellyfin when I am traveling

Thanks in advance!

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