HELP: VPN client can't connect to RT-AC87R after FW update

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The VPN client on my beloved but aged Toshiba laptop has stopped working, but the clients on other laptops and desktops continue working well. The Toshiba VPN client has worked for years now without any problems and no changes were made to the client nor host VPN settings. The Toshiba and the other working clients are all running Windows 10 Pro 20H2. The Host & remote AC87R's both recently underwent FW updates to v No other changes were made.

Here is a screenshot of the error I am seeing on the laptop:


and this is the snippet of applicable data from my AC87R's System Log as viewed across the VPN from the VPN client on a working desktop:

Jun 22 08:23:01 pptp[3715]: pppd 2.4.7 started by ********, uid 0
Jun 22 08:23:01 pptp[3715]: Connect: pptp0 <--> pptp (***.***.***.***)
Jun 22 08:23:01 pptpd[3714]: CTRL: Ignored a SET LINK INFO packet with real ACCMs!
Jun 22 08:23:01 pptp[3715]: MPPE 128-bit stateless compression enabled
Jun 22 08:23:03 pptp[3715]: local IP address
Jun 22 08:23:03 pptp[3715]: remote IP address
Jun 22 09:05:45 pptp[4185]: pppd 2.4.7 started by ********, uid 0
Jun 22 09:05:45 pptp[4185]: Couldn't allocate PPP unit 10 as it is already in use
Jun 22 09:05:45 pptp[4185]: Connect: pptp1 <--> pptp (***.***.***.***)
Jun 22 09:05:45 pptpd[4184]: CTRL: Ignored a SET LINK INFO packet with real ACCMs!
Jun 22 09:05:48 pptp[4185]: Connection terminated.
Jun 22 09:05:48 pptp[4185]: Modem hangup

which remains connected without issue and without any apparent interruption. Both clients are coming in through an off-site twin AC87R via Wi-Fi. Both have good local connections.

The Toshiba is an old Portege Z835-P70 acquired in Aug-2012. I love it's lightweight magnesium case, adjustable backlit keyboard, and 3.2-lb weight so I really don't want to give it up—if I don't have to. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

One other thing, over the last couple of weeks this laptop did—actually—connect one time from this same site. Magic, I guess. o_O

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