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Help with connecting Isp modem, a router and stb device

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Hello I have an ISP modem on the second floor and tp link Archer c20 router and ISP stb device for iptv on the first floor.

I am looking to connect the ISP modem and the router with the 1 ethernet cable going from 2nd to 1st floor and then connect the ISP stb iptv device to the router.

Is it possible to configure this I also want to use wifi on the tp link router.

While trying to configure this I have acquired the ISP modem admin account info and PPPoe info.


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to test, just take the c20 and the stb up to the modem and use ethernet cables to verify it works or sort out any problems before you wire the house between floors.
Figured it out.
Step 1. Make it so Isp modem sends both iptv and internet traffic out of 1 of its ports( i just had to check 2 checkboxes in some port binding settings)
Step 2. Set tp link archer c20 into router mode, connect the ethernet cable into 1 of its lan ports. Wan setting leave on dynamic. Set lan ip address of router to be an address from isp modem subnet ( exclude that address from dhcp on isp modem). Disable dhcp on the router, leave iptv settings as default: igmp snooping and proxy on and v3, iptv disabled. Configure wifi on the router. Connect stb to 1 of its lan ports.

Thats it now I have extended wifi and tv both through 1 ethernet cable.
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