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Help With Security camera system POE switch

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New Around Here
Not sure where to post this but hopefully someone can help me out.
I have a security camera system whose wires come in (look like ethernet) and plug into a PoE switch. When I connect my computer to this switch i can verify the cameras are working/powerd etc - i can see their images.
The ethernet cable output from the POE switch goes to a powerline ethernet adapter (call it #1) (it looks like a thing that plugs into outlet and the ethernet cable from PoE switch plugs into this as mentioned).
There is another powerline ethernet adapter down the hall (call it #2) who then plugs into the wall ethernet.
I think that #1 is supposed to communicate with #2 and #2 is supposed to send the signal via ethernet to my router which then goes to the DVR.

I cant get the two powerline ethernet adapters to sync up. I tried all the stuff with the sync buttons and reset buttons.

My question is this.
I know that the camera input and PoE switch is good. What is the best way to get the signal from the PoE switch to my hardwired LAN ethernet connection?
Should i just get another powerline system?
Or is there a better way?

Sorry if confusing but I'll try to outline what i think the correct diagram is below

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Camera-->PoE switch-->ethernet cable to powerline ethernet adapter #1--->powerline ethernet adapter#2-->ethernet plug in wall--->router in the basement--->DVR

Somewhere in 3 through 6 is the problem (i think its the two powerline ethernet adapters not linking up)

Anyone have a suggestion?
The two outlets may be on different circuits or different phase of the power distribution. Or the wiring runs are long or have poor connections. Or you have arc fault detection breakers - probably a red flag. Try different plug locations. Try the adapters on two plugs that you know are on the same circuit and make sure they work properly. They have to go directly into the wall receptacle and not into a plug bar unless it does not have any surge arrest or noise filtering.

do you have any coax , preferably RG6, but RG59 may work, nearby ?
if so you may be able to use a couple moca modems to do the same thing.
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