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help with synology cs407

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i just finished setting up my cs407 and was pretty happy with everything about it. however, i was extremely disappointed when i tried to do one of the main things that i got it for. and that is to playback large HD 1080p mkv files (8gb files). i copied a few movies to the NAS, and when i play them back off of it, they keep pausing for a second or two very frequently. i set the "streaming buffer size" to the max (256kb) in the NAS settings. it seemed to have helped a little, but the pauses are still pretty frequent. i have a gigabit router, and the NAS is connected to the lan at 1000mbps full duplex. the machine i am playing the files from has a 2gbps connection to the lan. is there anything else i can try or can i simply not expect to be able to playback such large files without continuous pauses off the NAS?

any help would be appreciated. thanks

edit: well it turns out this problem only occurs in VLC media player so obviously there is no issue with the nas or its settings. i tried a different player (zoom player) and the large mkv files play perfectly over the network.
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