Solved Help with unknown MAC on network

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I keep seeing this in my logs, I can not tye it to any physical device I have.
The MAC registers to "Amazon Technologies Inc."
I have an Echo dot on line but it shows up as a diferent MAC...
Could this be part of this service???

Dec 6 23:56:25 WLCEVENTD: Auth 68:DB:F5:54:1F:DA
Dec 6 23:56:25 WLCEVENTD: Assoc 68:DB:F5:54:1F:DA
Dec 7 00:00:54 WLCEVENTD: Disassoc 68:DB:F5:54:1F:DA
Dec 7 00:00:54 WLCEVENTD: Disassoc 68:DB:F5:54:1F:DA

NEW RT-AX88U with Mirlin 384.19


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I was getting same thing recently, and found out that, if you are running IOS14 or Android 10, your Phone Wifi might be using "randomized MAC" every so often, so it kinda sucks when you want to assign specific IP's to some devices... turned out you have to disable the "MAC randomizer" function under the Wifi of the phone, for each and every SSID the phone connects to... kinda harsh... but...


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Or remove the randomizer only for those where you don't want them to be randomized. For example, definitely at home and work but not at the Tim Horton's with free WiFi. The randomizing is a security feature that prevents others from tracking you using the MAC address. Even if you don't connect to a WiFi SSID, it still can see your MAC address.

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