Help with website based routing whilst using Astrill Applet


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Router: AX88U rev1.1
ISP: Either 300 or 500mbps. Can't really remember
FW: 386.8 Merlin

I'm situated in a country (China) whereby openvpn protocols are supported and hence I am using Astrill's Vpn applet for VPN access.

I'm getting great speeds with 200mbps down but there is an issue whereby local chinese website are very slow even with Astrill's Applet set to not tunnel domestic websites. As an example, when I attempt to use chinese apps on my phone, they are really horribly slow. I've tried copying this verbatim but it still doesn't make a difference.

I understand that there's a policy based routing which I can make use to direct IP address of websites to WAN directly but I'm not sure if this will work since I'm using a VPN tunnel via the applet and not via the routers native vpn client.

Is there a solution to my issue? Right now I'm just using tasker on my android phone to automatically switch to a non vpn enabled SSID and this is really annoying.

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