Hidden Icons for Device identification

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Hi there.

This question has probably been asked before but I was not able to find anything on this forum.

This is what happens: Sometimes a new device is conected to me RT3200 (have seen similar on other ASUS routers) and an icon is automatically asigned which is actually not in the list of available icons.
Is there any known way to access those 'hidden' icons?

See image attached. The icon is like a laptop without windows or apple on the screen which does NOT show in the list of available icons.

Thanks for any help.


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Other Asus devices (like other routers on the network) appear with a full colour pic of the actual model as well which has also always intrigued me as to where it fished the image up from!

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I'm under the impression that the OUI MAC address lookup service plays a part in the automated image assigning process, but that doesn't explain the origin of some of the images.

JR Godwin

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Nice work, they look great.

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