Hidden Partition & VPN's created even after clearing NVRAM Asus RT-AC68U

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Hi There, I have been having no end of trouble over the past six - 12 months with my home network set-up and have replaced several routers as they seem to all of a sudden become very slow and settings change on their own accord etc. I have been using the Merlin created firmware and have a simple set-up with a static IP from my ISP with no VPN or other extras switched on however, I try to lock it down as much as possible. Last night I ran John9527 https://www.snbforums.com/members/john9527.27638/ script to clear the NVRAM and I was stunned to see quite a large nvram-mgr migration file saved with some very odd entries in it that were not created by me. I do not profess to understanding what it all means but to see things like Andriod_Modem activate during quiet time (we have a Sony Android TV) in the file started my alarm bells going off. I have attached the files and would appreciate if someone out there could decipher them for me and tell me if my traffic is being routed somewhere and if so how it could be possible? Another entry ive never heard of before is zebravpn - as I said we do not use any form of VPN (perhaps I should be). I need to get to the bottom of this as it has been going on for close to 12 months and I have replaced 11 (yes that's correct) 11 routers in that time.

Appreciate anyone's assistance.


  • nvram-all-201508010006-MIGR.txt
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  • .__admin_var.txt
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  • nvram-all-201508010003-25E0.txt
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Those files look perfectly normal. Remember that it's a dump all the variables used by the router. So even though you don't use VPN's or Android tethering those variable still exist with their default values.

If you've had problems with 11 different routers I'd say that strongly indicates that the problem is not with the routers themselves but elsewhere.

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