CakeQOS High Endurance USB Drive Needed?

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I search this site (and the web) before posting, so my apologies for asking a super-newbie question. I'm running Merlin's 384.19 firmware on my AC86U and just installed (and love!) CakeQOS. CakeQOS is installed on an old USB stick that I formatted as ext4 using amtm. I don't plan on running any other Asuswrt-Merlin add-ons. Should I be concerned about the longevity of the drive? Put another way, does CakeQOS, or simply the process of using add-ons at all, cause a lot of writes to the flash drive, and if so, should I replace the drive with a high endurance version? Thanks for your thoughts.


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There aren't really any high endurance USB drives. They were never meant to be used like that. I use a 256GB or 512GB Patriot Elite for my routers (and only use about 128GB in any case).

The most robust method currently is to use a PCIe m.2 Enclosure (UGREEN on Amazon is often suggested in the forums here) with a 128GB or larger m.2 SSD inside. With sales, it may be even cheaper than a normal USB 'stick' too of the same capacity, but of significantly lower endurance.


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@L&LD, thanks for your reply. I haven't found a high endurance USB stick either, but was thinking of using a high endurance microSD card made to record video from security cameras and the like. There are adapters with a male USB Type A plug that I thought might work, but it sounded a bit kludgy so I thought I'd ask here first.

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