Solved High Ping on 5hz Guest Network

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I started noticing that I was getting high ping when doing speedtests and my sons have been complaining of high ping when gaming. So, I remembered that one of the last things I did was I enabled the 5ghz wifi network to keep all devices separated from our main LAN.

For some reason I decided to just disable the 5ghz network and the high ping issue went away immediately... if I enable it, the ping goes to over 100 and the internet gets very sluggish.
It's weird because I use the regular 5ghz wifi with other devices with no issues, but for some reason it doesn't like the guest one.
Any ideas?

Oh and by the way.. the high ping and sluggish internet affects every device on wifi and/or ethernet.


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Issue was caused by a Firestick... once the Firestick is removed, the 5ghz wifi works fine.

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