Hitron CODA - 45 and Asus RT-AC86U Dual WAN

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Hi, I recently upgraded my internet connection to 500 mbps. The ISP sent me a Hitron CODA - 45 modem which has 2 lan ports in the back. I see my asus RT-AC86U supports dual WAN which mean 2 different ISP/internet connections. Would connecting two cables from the modem to the router and enabling dual wan on load balancing give me anything extra? actually would this setup even work? Sorry, I know this is a stupid question but thought I would ask in case my knowledge on the matter is worse than what I believe. :D


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There are no stupid questions, but this normally won't work. And even if it did, there are no benefits.

To work, you would need your ISP to provide you two external Public IP addresses. Most don't unless you pay extra for that.

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