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Home network, replacing Netgear WNR834M

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I have a home network that is a combination of wired (desktop computers, printers, and NAS) and wireless (Macbooks, Powerbooks, and iPod Touchs). The wireless has been supported by a Netgear WNR834M but we've had a problem where we lose wireless after the Powerbook (old g capability) sleeps. I suspect it is the router (it has to be, right?). For securtiy we run WPA2 (TKIP and AES).

I want to replace the WNR834M with a gigabit capable router (my NAS haqngs off that and will benefit from the gigebit speed). It sounds like a dual-band router is not a good choice, so maybe I will setup the new router for the N capable Macbooks, and use the Netgear for the G capable Powerbook and iPods.

Any suggestions as to a wireless router (I won't be using it for DHCP, of course)? I was considering the DIR-655.

Also, can I have the two wireless access points located a few feet apart? From reading here, it sounds like it could be OK as long as they are set to different channels (say 1 and 11).
Odd that you lose all wireless after one machine goes to sleep...

The DIR-655 is a good choice. Leave it on 20 MHz channel bandwidth mode and set it to a different channel (1, 6 or 11) than the NETGEAR. Get the two at least 10 feet apart to avoid any possible receiver overloading.
DIR-655 on the way

I went ahead and ordered the DIR-655. Yeah, I agree that it is weird that one comptuer going to sleep puts down the Netgear wireless, but that seems to be what happens. The other users have to disconnect and reconnect many times (typically takes 10 minutes) until things work again. Maybe by isolating the Netgear to wireless-g only I'll be able to pin things down. I'll report back. Thank you
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