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New Around Here
Hello and good evening. Im not sure if this forum is the correct one for the question im about to ask but please bare with me, and i hereby apologise if it is indeed not the right forum to ask. Here is the problem
I have 2 routers and a switch
The switch is a planet 8 port switch where all my pcs at home connect to via 100Mbps LAN. I used to have this switch connected to a router, which is the linksys wag 200g , that would act as wireless router dsl2+ modem, and also wired router. However this router doesnt provide a very stable dsl link (not extended reach i think ) so i switched it for the wired router i have from my ISP wich is the Aolynk dr814. So my problem is that i want to use my my ISP's router but if i cant acess the WAG ( complicated). Any sugestions on what to do? Thanks all

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