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hi SNB

i will be in asia next friday . i need to set up my home router ( virgin hub 3.0 ) as a vpn so that when i am in asia i can still use the betting site betfair.com , as it is blocked in asia

i have read a few articles but the terminolgy has baffles me a bit . what i am trying to achieve is to use my home router to pass the streamed video and betting markets from the uk website on to me on my asian computer, so it looks like i am still at home .

i think i have a dynamic IP .

any advice is much appreciate. i can buy a new router if needed to put a VPN on it .



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Hi tech junky .

i will be in thailand for about 3 months

i bet in running on the horse racing markets using fruss betting asisstant to place bets into the betfair exchange as the race is being run , so i need to receive the betting market data and pictures/stream of the horse racing from the betting site in as fast a way as i can when in asia

i was in thailand 3 years ago and used tunnel bear vpn , i was using an ipad, and wifi , so all these factors did not help with speeds , the pictures where about 8 seconds behind what i get in the uk , but the betting market seemed pretty reasonable . i could tell the time difference but looking at the way the odds fluctuated compared to the pictures i was seeing, and also they close the market exactly as the horses crossing the winning line. so the market would close about 8 seconds before the reached the finishing line

but that has left me a bit skeptical of what might be possible , and thought a home vpn might be quicker .

as you can tell , i don't really know what is my best option, but i would like to try and have options open as once i leave i won't be able to do much .

do you think using a commercial VPN with a dedicated ip ( they may block a shared ip ) i could receive pictures within 1 second of what i do in the UK ?

thank you for your suggestion and help . i think it may be the easiest way for me


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i should also add, that receiving the pictures within 1 second of what i do in london would be very good. anything over 1.5 - 2 seconds would make things very difficult

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Well, that's all dependent on your connection in Thailand not so much on the VPN. The VPN factors into the speed of things loading of course but if your internet connection is 1mbps it's not going to make much difference.

Personally I use Nord w/ Nordlynx (WireGuard) and it hits line speed for data vs older tech like OVPN which would be your router connection you want to setup which will be at least 50% slower due to the overhead and lack of CPU resources on the router. I did a DIY router using a PC and that makes a huge difference alone.

Wireguard VPN's though will work faster when connected to a decent server. I have 1gbps service and constantly hit 950mbps+ and if I get the right server I've seen speed hitting up to 1500mbps using 2 ports bonded together. When I was testing a handful of VPN providers before renewing they all failed to meet line speed. Some had other issues but, speed was a concern after dealing with some Nord issues with TLS being out of whack for a couple weeks on select servers forcing a move to a different country while they fixed it. It's been 100% since though and over the past ~5 years I've been using it's the only notable issue I've had with them.

Also, you can get $ back on Nord through Rakuten / Retailmenot and bring the price down further. They also give you 30 days to try it or a refund. Try it on the trip / try it at home see if it's something more long term.


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i need to set up my home router ( virgin hub 3.0 ) as a vpn ...
The Hub 3.0 doesn't have a VPN server. Even if it did you would get better performance by using a commercial VPN provider (e.g. NordVPN) rather than routing your traffic through your home equipment.


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thank you Tech Junky
thank you Colin

when i have my betting program and streaming the video from the website, i have looked at the amount of data being received in task manager and it is only about 7mbps . thailand has very good broadband from what i have read and i will try and get 200mbps+ . if the data is only 7 mbps, and my download speed is 200 mbps, what would determine the speed i would receive the stream from uk to thailand ?


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I use NordVPN and it works well from different places in the world. You'll always have high ping times to far locations, no matter how fast your local ISP is. If you know from experience Thailand to UK is about 250ms, this won't change. I've seen something similar South Korea to Canada.


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@Tech9 , is it possible to use the average ping time from london to thailand of 250ms to give me a rough estimate as to how long the pics would take to get to me in thailand from betfair in london ?

i am guessing it will have to go through servers and such .

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When I had my little tiff w/ nord awhile back switching to Romania or Argentina vs US boosted the pings to 200ms or so but, US I'm typically hitting Google with 20ms.

Finding someone local to Thailand would be easier to figure out the speed / latency but, Nord w/ Nordlynx is the key to keeping those numbers down to where you're more local. It's an extra step to turn on in the app sometimes but, makes a huge difference.

If you need to appear in the UK it's your best bet.

You could reverse ping to the Thai servers and get an idea - https://api.nordvpn.com/server


10 servers to choose from should be a good bet for decent speeds.


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thank you Tech Junky . i think i will go down this route of using nord vpn as it seems a lot easier . i will get a dedicated ip too .

thanks for the reverse test ping link, but i had no idea how to use it . that is the kind of person you helpful chaps have been dealing with :)

thank you all . i am off to bed now and will reply to any replies ( if there are any ) in the morning


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The reverse ping link is the list of servers NORD has which gives you the server names to ping from your home location or from a remote testing site.

ping th14.nordvpn.com

That's all you should have to do from a command prompt or terminal window. I did it from my VPN connection and it was ~240ms. From the VPN connection itself though from Thailand to UK may be faster depending on the server you connect to. Being there's 10 servers there's not a huge choice there. Just ping each of them from the place you're staying and pick the one with the fastest response.

Nord will auto select but, sometimes it's better to pick one manually.


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i am guessing it will have to go through servers and such

Actually, VPN to home router and out to Internet with your home external IP may be your only option. Make sure this betting site works with commercial VPN services. OLG in Ontario doesn't, for example. It detects the VPN server IP and throws a message "Unable to determine your location".


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@Tech9 i did use a vpn there for about 4 weeks , only about 20 minutes everyday but i never had a problem , just the speed was an issue.

i will also get a dedicated ip from nord so i am hoping that will help. i would guess that if it is a shared ip and everyone using the same ip logs into the betting site , it might be a giveaway

thanks for replying

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